I've always been a routine kind of person - I thrive on it, so having a morning routine is important to me. But with 2 young children to get ready, school and nursery drop offs and a job to get to, a morning routine of meditation, exercise, and  a freshly made green smoothie are a little unrealistic for me at this stage in my life. I could get up at 5am - but I need my sleep - and that is something that I choose to prioritise for my health and sanity (and for those around me.)

But there are a few things that I do every morning that really help set me up for the day.

Here are my top 5 tips for getting your day off to a good start (that are doable with children.)

  • Start the day with a pint glass of warm water with lemon. It helps to flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. Giving the body adequate water when you first wake up is a great way to get your body and your mind going.
  • Before your shower, dry body brush for 30 seconds using a soft natural bristle brush. It boosts circulation and helps to remove toxins - and feels invigorating!
  • Make your morning shower  sacred time. Take 10 deep breaths when you are in the shower, focusing on your breath or the feeling of the warm water over your head - it's a mini morning meditation.
  • Think about 3  things that you’re grateful for - again I find my morning shower a good time for this exercise. Some mornings, it’s as simple as hot water, a cup of tea and sleep (both top of mind when I step into the shower). Other mornings it might be for the people in my life, like my amazing family, or my home or the sunshine. Even on those days when I wake up just feeling a bit grumpy, I find small things to be grateful for. Soak into that feeling of being grateful and you'll step out of the shower feeling happy and positive.
  • Have a quick stretch and wiggle. I’m not talking a workout here – just a quick stretch with the arms over your head and then down to your toes, a little nod and shake of the head and wiggle of the arms and legs and hips – just to get the blood moving.

Done! These are simple things to incorporate into a busy morning but that have a big impact on your mindset for the day.

What tips do you have for busy weekday mornings?