I've dipped in and out mindfulness practice since my mid twenties but it' something that I've recently found myself coming back to more intentionally. As a working mum, I feel like I’m constantly spinning plates, trying desperately not to let them fall and break. There is always an endless list of tasks to get through - cooking meals, tidying up, the basket of dirty laundry, the never ending task of tidying up toys, school and nursery drop off and pick ups and general life admin; all whilst pursuing a career. I began to feel like I was rushing through all of these tasks - moving from one to the other as quickly as I could to be able to have a moment of calm at the end of the day. But this made me feel like I was wishing time away - for what?  These tasks are not going away and if these particular ones go, they will be replaced with others. So by rushing through them, from one to the next I was constantly chasing my tail. Know that feeling, right?

So I was speaking to Tom about this one night and he said 'That's life' not in a 'Get over it kind of way' but by reminding me that life is simply a series of tasks. Rather than rushing through them to catch a moment of calm - he gave me the perspective to do these things mindfully and to bring calmness to every moment. 

It was his words that made so much sense to me and that have had such a positive impact on my mindset and how I approach life. Now, I really try (I say 'try' because this is certainly an ongoing 'practice' ) but I really try to be mindful and present in each task I am doing. The result is, I no longer (or certainly less often) feel like I am just chasing my tail moving from one task to the other. I accept that these tasks are here, they are not going away and that by being present I can find calm in every day tasks rather than the 5 minutes at the end of the day I might get to myself.

So breathe, smile and be in the moment. Right now, it's all you have.

Does this resonate with you? Do you often feel like you are rushing through tasks from one to the next?